Fred Matiangi

Ole Nkaissery was celebrated with a grandiose flicker among proponents of Jubilee Party as a man who means nothing other than business.

Accorded, he would take quick shots at CORD leaders. “We are waiting for you with teargas”, the steel hawser General at one time said, when CORD leaders called for a mass action against Isaac Hassan’s IEBC.

Mr. Odinga had said, that Isaac Hassan led commission had eaten the chicken.

Ole Nkaissery was the most revered Cabinet Secretary among Jubilee followers and politicians alike. He was a gem extracted from emerald stone.

In fact, his ministry was granted immunity from audit through an Executive fiat. He would take much he wanted so long as he played the puppet viceroy to Jubilee’s high on the totem pole.

An undertaking that is rumoured could have sent him to the grave even after he had plundered close to three billion shillings. It became apparent, he could not betray his conscious hence could not be relied upon.

He had showed he was not willing but Jubilee wanted to continue calling the tune as they pay the piper.

Ever since ole Nkaiseery died, Jubilee followers and politicians have found a darling in Okengo Matiang’i.

Matiang’i has been branded a general with the logistics of Molotov, Romel and Zhukov. A staunch soldier at heart that never saw the battle front.

He is on record adding the ice to his cup by saying, he is Chinkororo – one of he most deadly vigilante.

Okengo Matiang’i is praised and worshipped with the same verve and piquancy as was Nkaissery.

Matiang’i is Law so to put things in perspective. He can sanction national holidays and outlaw mass actions.

We do say, that only Satan can act with sheer impunity and walk away with it, well Okengo Matiang’i can as well.

Ole Nkaissery and Okengo Mataing’i are a pair of buttocks. It is only that, Okengo Matiang’i has refused to learn from the mistakes of his predecessor – who succumbed with a thud.

As usual, the praises from Jubilee quarters are sending him to his grave but he is either too blind or too naive to see.


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