Hon Denish Dira Kaliech

Your green-eyed monster in DP William Ruto 2022 presidential bid as engineered with your men in grey suits will not materialize.

Yeah, you are out to debilitate God sent Ruto’s presidential dream yet you are aware that he Ruto defied all odds squeezing water from stone to help your man of straw clinch the top seat.

The self-made Hustler interpreted the matrix and beaten 40 against 1 I ideology pioneered by the old man and his proxies.

Never compare HE Ruto with the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka, Muddy Awuori, Musalia Mudavadi and even the handshake man.Never.He Ruto is a different man. Did Ruto overcome Moi’s KANU sending two Mois’s sons to the political abyss? Who made him Rift valley Kingpin. Who tell me.

Now you think that some old men with borrowed political knowledge irrelevant in Kenya’s political arena think that they can muscle Ruto’s presidency.

I know you are notorious for shortchanging Kenyans. You brought Kalonzo on board and betrayed him only to brand him “Watermelon” despite him helping you secure Kenyans stolen victory by electing ODM. You did the same to weak and lazy Musalia Mudavadi and disgracefully disowned his citing “Shetani alinidanganya”

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What about one Moses Masika Wetangula a man who threw his weight behind you by bringing his FORD Kenya slot to merge with PNU to at least balance equation for Kibaki’s 54 elected MPs against ODM’s 99. Did you not betray him also by fixing in somewhere “Irregular sale of Tokyo embassy”.Thanks to Raila Odinga who rescued him.

I am yet to tell untold tale of one Raila Odinga, a man you stole his victory twice despite giving him Ordeal instead of a deal in 2002 MoU.
Did you not call him Jamba when him Raila Outwitted Moi?
Now it is Ruto. Raila Odinga was merciful and could negotiate with you at the expense of Democracy. I hope the no-nonsense Ruto will not give in to your betrayal tactics.

It is high time the house of Mumbi realize this and grab anything given to you with Hustler or else…be it Senate majority leader please have it and say thanks.
I am certain that in Jubilant Jubilee supporters across the country are comfortable with Ruto’s presidency. The Meru made their stand known on the issue just like the Gusii community.

Leave alone angling for…Behaving in a way to do so. What? That your man wants to play second fiddle in Ruto’s regime(becoming Dp) in 2022 is a serious crime.
Kenyans from various parts, not coast, not Western not even the Elmolo will not allow you to escape with it.
Yes, the air has it that your pact with the humble Son of Sugoi was based on 50/50 power-sharing deal. Never will it happen again. You mislead Humble hustler to buy this useless idea.
Let me now a sure you that Ruto will win the presidency with or without your support.


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