NASA leaders on a campaign trail


By Ephraim Amos Kamasasa

If today 100 elected NASA members of parliament resign and relinquish their parliamentary seats, a new general election must be held. This is the LAW. Look at the following issues:

1. If 100 members of the national assembly decided to resign, then the best time is immediately after swearing in Uhuru Kenyatta as the president. That’s after Tuesday next week. A new general election will be called. Uhuru will be barred to contest the seat of the presidency since he will have exhausted his two terms in office. That will be the end of Uhuru Kenyatta.

2. Our politics are commercialized. Our current MPS are a broke lot. They spent their money during the campaigns. Now, what can opposition leaders do to entice them to resign?

One, they can be offered monetary jackpots. Like if today Ksh 3Billion is available, each MP will go home with 30 million (100MPS). Then assure them that once a new general election is called in, they will be given direct nomination to vie and defend their seats.

The NASA leadership then will move in their strongholds to explain to voters that their MPS have sacrificed their seats for the wellness of the country. We the locals will buy the idea, swallow political ambitions and re-elect our dear MPS.

If these two can be effected, then 100 members of national assmbly will resign immediately after Uhuru is sworn in to trickle a new general election.

Is this proposal doable? Oh Yes! Are we determined to redeem our nation from the grip of electoral fraud and economic thugs? Oh yes. At the moment, more than 30MPs have shown interest in resigning voluntarily. This is the starting point. Hundreds of elected MCAs are ready to resign too.

What is your thinking?


  1. I support the resignation immediately coz the jubilee government will not transform Kenyans. We want to elect the who will serve all Kenyans not two tribes. May Lord here our prayers

  2. I support the resignation immediately coz the jubilee government will not transform Kenyans. We want to elect our leaders who can deliver this country and serve equally all Kenyans not two tribes. May Lord here my prayer, we need change and change is inevitable

  3. Its very true the point we have reached things in this country are now very unbearable and stinking let the MPs take the bold step and save this country redeeeming it back to its real origin

  4. Even if it means us supports and as Kenyans of good will.. Who desire for abetter kenya in the future.. I personally is ready to deposit cash into any account Nasa will provide but not through Mpesa just to support r├ęsignation of more than 100Mps and MCAs. Kenya is bleeding and sacrifices must be made.nothing comes easy, Better everything are found in the hardest way possible..

  5. Way to go, best scenerio so far. And this will be killing two birds with one stone!. Remove Uhuru by term limit and make Kikuyus revolt against Ruto as they will see him as the enemy who would benefit from the situatiin and sit on tbeur sons sit!!!

    And if this fails to isolate Ruto, just let him get elected and quickly rush him through the same process TWICE!!!


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