By Kipruto Frankline

It is really sad to suffer or even die just because of your profession. Kenyan Journalists are going through hard times in the hands of the Kenyan policemen whenever covering riots and demonstrations.

Many cases of Journalists injured and abused by police have been on the rise a good example is when General service unit (GSU) officers hurled tear gas canisters at Journalists who followed them as they dispersed the crowds in Kisumu during October post-poll demos citing that they didn’t want to be followed and exposed. Another incident was when a Standard media photojournalist was surrounded by officers who demanded that he surrender his camera or they deal with him.

As a Journalist and a concerned citizen, i really condemn the brutal and ruthless treatment of Journalists and other civilians by police.

The police should know that the Media and the police are two different institutions that need to work hand in hand to ensure the society and the people live well based on lawful and orderly conduct in the interest of justice, fairness and development of society.The two institutions depend on each other to perform their duties.The police need the Media to supply them with different types of information to offer its services diligently and vice versa.This is why the two institutions need to develop a harmonious and a cordial relationship.


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