Natives Sports Bar and Grill Demolished

Popolar Natives Sports Bar and Grill Demolished

Natives Sports Bar and Grill Demolished
Natives Sports Bar and Grill after demolition

Popular club Natives Sports Bar and Grill which located along Thika Superhighway has been demolished after a land battle that has been going on for six months.

The bar and restaurant which has been one of the most popular joints over the years was demolished on Monday evening, according to reports on Tuko

It is alleged that the restaurant’s directors had fallen out with the owner of the land after he failed to renew the lease. The establishment has been trying to negotiate for a new contract to support their plans for expansion.

The news came as a shock to the over 40 employees who were dependent on the business as a source of livelihood and are now jobless. They are now clutching on the straw that its directors would follow through with their plans to rebrand in a different location despite the demolition that demotivated them.

It is reported that the landowner refused the restaurant’s request because he intended to sell it to a prominent politician.

A source hinted that it was likely that a fuel station would be put up in place of the hotel.

In 2018, another club, Simmers, was brought down by authorities after a fall out with the county government.

Reports indicated that the family of former Finance Minister Arthur Magugu claimed ownership of the plot on which the restaurant sat, alongside Nilestar Holdings Limited.


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