The top kCPE student

Goldalyn Kakulya has made news in the recent past. And all has been for good reasons

She passed KCPE with flying colors, topping the 2017 class. We should congratulate her. She deserves happiness and praise.

Children should make their parents happy and we can only envy the happiness her parents find themselves in.

On the social media, this beautiful child is coming under a creepy attack. Politicians have hijacked her success and are now using it for entirely different reasons.

Goldalyn is being shuffled from TV to state dinners to graduation ceremonies. Nothing at all is wrong with that except that it must be done in a manner that appreciates she is still a child.

Exposing her to too much limelight will put her under strain in secondary school. The whole nation  will chose to monitor her performance and with it will come emotional damage.

Intellectually, Goldalyn is older than most of her peers! She is numerically their age of course but we don’t know how she handles herself behind the scenes.

That’s where emotional security comes in. She might not be emotionally mature as to be able to handle all the attention coming towards her. Does she have counseling after doing all these public shows.

Politicians have hijacked this girl for their own mileage. Mwaura for example is allover her.

There’s nothing special about albinism. All that needs to happen is public education. Lacking a skin pigment does not reduce your abilities. Goldalyn must know that she is a normal human being capable of doing her own things without attracting too much public scrutiny.

Her parents remain her parents and she should appreciate that. She does not belong to another society outside her family.

Disability is often used by politicians to beat shortcuts.  Mwaura used it to get parliamentary nomination and whatever he did after being nominated proved he is just a regular Kikuyu.

And he went all out to use his kikuyuism to try to win elections. At the ballot, he was nolonger an albino but a committed Kikuyu who would attack Raila viciously to prove how kikuyu he was.

Children are not safe from people who use all tricks to get whatever they want. Hypocrisy will confuse these young brains.

Statehouse used her for political photoshoots at the height of electoral injustice!

After meeting Uhuru, this child would believe it is normal to steal in order to get what one wants!

Parents have a responsibility to make sure that the children are safe from modern day social scene manipulation for political gains.

To Goldalyn, I say Merry Christmas and a rewarding secondary school life.

To Mwaura and his ilk, let the whole country tell you with one accord : Back Off!


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