Raila Odinga most betrayed
Raila Odinga

To imagine that Miguna Miguna is the automatic shoo-in as a replacement for the office of supreme Luo leader in the wake of the impending vacation by RAO; To imagine that RAO is already a spent force whose time’s up; To imagine that the so-called Odinga dynasty is about to keel over; To imagine that a few Facebook insults, rants and misguided negative opinionated sentiments about the person of RAO are enough to occasion his political Waterloo; To prematurely celebrate the downfall of RAO…

… is the height of naiveté.

RAO maybe down (and he’s been down before) but the one thing you cannot afford to do is to write him off.

If there is going to be any gains to be made from this Miguna saga then it is the fact that those who have pretended to be pro Baba have now played their hidden hand. They are exposed; they will never hide again.

And it seems that in Kenya the only excuse you need to have your hide handed over to you in a banned polythene bag is to be down. Hitting a man when he’s down it seems is an average Kenyan facebooker chief hobby.

Good thing is, RAO does not need to reinvent himself. His political pedigree is well established. Those who imagine they can fill the space he is ‘just about to leave’ have their work cut out for them. All we can do is to wish them godspeed.

Cc. Geoffrey Omollo


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