Raila Odinga staffer Philip Nyamai Exposes James Orengo Strategy to undermine the handshake

James Orengo, we know you have not been happy with Raila Odinga since he left you out of the team that worked behind the scenes to deliver the truce in March 9, 2018. We know you’re spending sleepless nights to sabotage the handshake and we know you wanted to be part of this team so that you sabotage it from within as has been your norm.

We know you rallied a section of luo parliamentarians and opinion leaders from the Nyanza region against the handshake, though it failed but you’re still bitter.

We know you are positioning yourself to succeed Raila Odinga as luo Supreme leader, a position he has held for over 30yrs.

We know you want to hibernate and portray yourself as Raila‚Äôs defender so you can land the Siaya Governor job with ease after doing small small harambees — something you have not been doing in your many years you served as MP, minister, and senator.

We know in September, you mobilised a team of ODM MPs, mostly lawyers using somebody’s money, to oppose the VAT Bill that proposed a 16 tax on petroleum products. In that too, you failed.

We know you started a campaign that Raila Odinga must be on the ballot in 2022 even as Raila himself kept warning you and your allies against early campaigns and appealing for focus on Building Bridges Initiative. Bado umezidi tu.

We know you have been sponsoring propaganda in media and beyond against the man who introduced you to his father for you to become Ugenya MP way back in 1979/80. “I remember, I preferred Orengo, who was Archbishop Ondiek’s brother-in-law and previously one of his election agents…I spent that evening at Lakeside trying to convince my father Jaramogi that it was time he moved on from supporting his old friends and former students he sponsored to India and supported some of our more youthful members (Orengo)” Raila Odinga recalls.

We know our people were killed, we know their families need compensation, Orengo we know all these things. The building bridges initiative that you’re bitter about will settle all these things. Those families will all be compensated.

President Uhuru’s visit is purely for development. Your sponsored negative energy should be about the various development agenda that our people need from National Government which should not be limited to reviving all the collapsed industries, removal of hyacinth from the lake, Migingo issue, more higher learning institutions majorly universities, end of marginalization, equal opportunities in government jobs and beyond, infrastructure and so on. So telling us about compensation for victims of PEVs is not a priority, that does not mean it will not be discussed and amicable way of compensation arrived at.

Orengo we know you!


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