Both extreme ends of the social status, wealth and poverty offer the same life. The paradox of life is that being too rich offers a life almost identical to that of being too poor

When a rich man kicks the famous bucket, like one did recently, he is buried in a private, invites only, ceremony. The rich men don’t want the masses inside their homesteads because they will steal the uncountable valuables or step on the lawn or even eat too much and too fast, like army worms, to embarrass “visitors from Nairobi”

As such only a dozen attend the event. The same way only a handful attend the burial of a poor man because no one has time for dead hoof eaters. At the end of the day, both are buried by very few people. Aren’t they?

A poor man is sheltering in a makuti structure because he can’t afford a conventional roofing over his head. A rich man is having adventure in a makuti shed in an expensive South coast beache hotel. We are all under makuti aren’t we?

A poor man’s son is putting on an old and weather beaten denim tattered by the ankle for lack of a better alternative. The rich man’s son is clothed in a new rags of a jeans intentionally punctured to look trendy. All our children are in rags, aren’t they?

A poor man is running to his destination because he can’t afford bus fair. The rich man is jogging on the road to cut weight. We are all running, aren’t we?

The poor man cannot sleep because he is hungry. The rich man cannot sleep because the poor man is awake. A hungry man is very dangerous. We are all awake. Aren’t we?

If burial by a few, tattered Jeans and Makuti are both trendy, then poverty has become trendy. If the rich man shared his meal with the poor, he wouldn’t be obese and so wouldn’t have to run to cut weight.

Again if this happens, the poor man will sleep because he will not be hungry and if the poor man sleeps, the rich man will comfortably sleep because there will be no hungry man, hence no dangerous man hanging around!

Instead of puncturing new clothes,isn’t it alot wiser to donate the clothes to the destitute, who cannot afford good clothes and let them use them,and after they get worn out by age and sufficiently punctured by overuse,the can be collected again and delivered for sale to the rich man’s children who consider them trendy

Lastly it is evening and I wish all my fellow hoof eaters and a few beef eaters who will read this, a superb “samedi soir” saturday evening!


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