How did you learn about Sex - Sex education should be introduced in schools

How did you learn about Sex – Sex education should be introduced in schools

By Cde Vincent Opar

SEX is a topic that even our parents fear discussing among themselves, do you remember the last time your mother or father sat you down discussing the matter SEX? I don’t think if they ever did that.

How did you learn about it? Then here you are shouting how those primary kids grouped to a room each evening for that act. Parents, schools, churches, our work places and institutions all have neglected this topic and in reality, it’s something affecting the society directly.

We’ve left sex discussions to the biblical interpretations, no it’s wrong. Sex is so sweet, you will leave food for sex, you’ll travel and even book air ticket to go and visit your partner miles away just for sex, let’s not cheat ourselves that I’m traveling because of other discussions we have, no, it’s for companionship.

If you feel that way and how about those children? They feel nice and enjoy the act. They can’t control that lost feeling, something new, seeing their body parts in different shape, feeling new temperature and nerves circulating blood at a higher rate, you cannot blame this kids but the parents plus the supporting institutions in the society.

Many marriages break outside here because of sex, partners are not willing to teach and learn with their partners on areas they are not best at? Why leave your partner just because she is not good in sex? Teach him/her, all these are things we learn.

Why divorce because he/she cheated? If adults themselves can’t face this hard facts and confront the sex topics, how will we help the children? That feeling you have and can relate is the same feelings this kids are growing up to.

At work places, we get jobs, promotions and marry our bosses or colleagues because of sex. In churches and mosques, we get pastors sleeping with our young ones. In schools teachers sleep with our sisters once they see changes in their body parts.

We share one bedroom houses with kids, we share our one room housing with children. They hear us at night hitting on their mother with crony sounds coming from the mum, with the slum settings, someone creaming and stretching in our “mabati” houses, you tell me the children don’t know?

Parents should bold up and explain to their children what sex is, at what stage they should start engaging in it instead of pretending and waiting to comment when a scandal is aired. Your sisters, brothers and cousins in primary school are already engaging in this act.

You’ve never realized because you live an affluent life, you are busy chasing money when you leave them with house helps, when they visit each other, you pick them at night, you assume they were playing and reading.

No, the play “Cha Mama na Cha Baba.” Ask those who offer tuition to this kids, how do they group after the lessons. Ask your kid which games they played during the day, listen carefully and judge for yourself.

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Traditionally, our elders were circumcising men, not because it’s hygienic, no, it reduces the urge for sex, the skin covering the rubber always regulates its temperature making a man teel hyper frequently. Same to ladies, they were circumcised to regulate changes that come in their bodies, with the breast coming out, steady and strong, the body starts growing and producing hormones that were not existing, they were regulated.

Today, in the modern world, it’s men being circumcised. Depending with the environment, where they come from, the kind of food they eat, men will still be active even for 10 women in a day.

Talk to your young ones, as a parent, don’t fear such discussions and when they advance to high school and colleges, don’t assume they are grown ups, tell them how sweet that thing is and how it drives you crazy yourself, but tell them to preserve and give it to their partners in marriage.

Teach them how to treat the partners when married and if the worse gets to worse that they have to have sex before marriage because it’s inevitable, let them use a condom. Fear will ruin our tomorrow for today is gone.


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