The total number of the Abagusii in Gusii land, in Kenyan cities and in diaspora is nearly 3 million people. More than half of the people live either temporarily or permanently outside Gusii Land: that however does not denie them the right of being the Abagusii they are. Wherever they are, they subscribe to the community’s traditions and culture. The Gusii social, academic and economic lifestyle persuade them to disperse worldwide for survival.

Wherever they are as a community the Abagusii are inherently bound by cords of values inculcated by parents who are guided by the Gusii ethnophilosophy ( Mwanyagetinge). The ethnophilosophy guides the social, moral, economic and religious outfits of the people – automatically or instantly. This is what makes them to develop affinity towards each other, here and abroad. They form small self-help or benevolence groups wherever they are. The groups promote the Gusii identity besides the welfare aspects.

The Gusii ethnophilosophy makes the people view each other as either brother or sister in spite of the sub community of one’s origin. The things of “Nyamira” and “Kisii” counties are recent and have nothing to do with the community ties and values. It is unfortunate to think that counties have anything to do with the Omogusii in general. Counties carry out civic admnistrave functions only. They should not undermine or in subordinate the Gusii social, moral, cultural and religious cords as well as mannerisms.

It is unfortunate that at the moment we do not have someone to speak on our behalf as a people. In other words, We do not have a spokesperson. Formally we had Elder Simon Nyachae who is no longer interested with the affairs of the community. The politicians we currently have are not talented enough to hold the spokesman’s potition. Arguably some of them are very unreliable and people fear that they can use that potition to trade their egos to disadvantage the community.

A spokesperson should be charismatic, exposed, fearless, eloquent, moral, outgoing, humane, intelligent and selfless. SIMBA ARATI is the man who fits that position and has the aforementioned character traits. His star shines within and without the Gusii soil. He is a man who can represent the community diligently and without fear or favour.

The Gusii myopic elders who assembled after eating with the self proclaimed spokespersons to bar the Arati proposal should be ignored. The elders (if at all they are) do not even understand the contemporary roles of spokespersons. They were cheated to think that Simba is an outsider not even caring to trace his genealogy leave alone ancestry. The myopic elders unfortunately could be blinded to think that Simba is a Nairobian.

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Simba Arati was born in Gisii, was initiated into manhood in Gisii and did all the child things in Gisii. He grew up just like any son in Gusii families. His going to Nairobi is just like any other Gusii human being who takes either Nyamira, Transline or Imara Daima Buses to Nairobi to search for greener pastures. By fact that he is elected MP in Dagoreti in Nairobi County does not dissociate him from his motherland; Gusii. That alone makes a man enough to speak for us.

Simba Arati is our spokesman, wazee wapende wasipende. We don’t care what the tumbocrats think about this matter and Simba as a person. We will swear in Simba Arati as the spokesperson of the Gusii Nation soon. Our force behind Simba’s direct nomination is unstoppable. Let the few wazee who were given food to paint a misguided position against Arati give us a break.

Simba Arati all the way.

By Dr Bernard Benard Gechiko Nyabwari


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