As it stands now
Raila Odinga

As it stands now, NRM only has one live bullet left, all the rest are blank.

By Pala Rateng Goyotonyiso

Arm its people not to start a civil war, but to defend themselves. UhuRuto, African Union, United Nations and the West will force negotiations that will see Kenyans elect a leader of their choice in a free, fair, credible and verifiable election.

If they cannot or are not willing to do this, let them stop giving their supporters false hope. UhuRuto are immune to the legal talks and threats.

NASA should let Kenyans taste the Dictatorship that UhuRuto has in store for them. That dictatorship will give birth to a disorganized revolution led by the peasants. That revolution will be so ruthless because UhuRuto and Uthamakistan will be dealing with people who have nothing to loose, no wealth or social positions to protect and no central leader like Raila to stop it.


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