By Wesley Charo Mwadida

Lately, some of my friends who are mostly from TAITA TAVETA COUNTY have written to me via inbox seeking to inquire about my opinion on Gov. Granton Samboja’s alleged defection from NASA to the “soon to collapse” Jubilee Party. On the onset I would like to clarify for the record that I have never been a member of the Samboja Granton campaign team neither am I related closely to any of his networks. My support for Granton Samboja during the electioneering period was purely a “walk the talk” decision having all along preached the need for fresh leadership in Taita Taveta County. I have read most messages and realized that many of you might have thought I was part of his campaign team. Even if he won with a resounding majority vote, It would be hypocritical and improper to associate myself with his victory because my only contribution was just that one vote and the general input as a patriotic and concerned Taita Taveta Citizen.

Before our current Governor informed me of his decision to run for the Gubernatorial seat, as a friend, I had initially settled on Thomas Mwadeghu as my preferred choice. Having carefully analyzed all the potential candidates then (2016 going backwards), I was convinced beyond doubt that TOM was the best of them all despite not being a new entrant in the political field. Granton Samboja was not yet in the race by then. I therefore considered Thomas Mwadeghu’s candidature and his eventual win as a fresh beginning for the Taita Taveta County Government which was desperately in need of a savoir. The former Governor (John Mruttu) and his team had done so little for wananchi and it was time to replace them with a fresh team that would deliver. If you can all remember, I and other citizens of goodwill did all our best to put the former Governor on check as well as highlighting community problems that he ought to have addressed. Unfortunately he did not and thus a majority made up their minds to send him home but definitely after identifying a suitable replacement.

So one day I met the current Governor and had a 14 hour discussion with him in the company of other senior political figures and professionals from Taita Taveta County. Our meeting was mainly aimed at identifying solutions to the problems affecting the Great People of Taita Taveta County. Different from others, we did not converge to discuss our problems. We only concentrated on solutions because everyone already knew what ails our society. It is in that meeting that I realized how sharp, visionary and intelligent the Governor is. Unlike other leaders, he is an extremely patient man who spends most of his time listening to views as opposed to acting bossy and dominating meetings with his personal opinions. Whenever the time came to share his ideas he relied on his experiences, history and research as the foundation for all his contributions. At this point I knew that we had a Great future Governor in the making. I even joked and told him that he will be the second Governor and I will take over from him thereafter.

The following day I asked him the most difficult question. Before that I had informed him that by being a life Member of The Orange Democratic Movement and an ardent RAILA ODINGA supporter, I could not support anything else apart from NASA. So I boldly asked whether he will run for the Gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee ticket or a NASA affiliate party ticket knowing too well that Uhuruto are his friends. His response was simple and I quote…. “The President and Deputy President are my friends but the Taita Taveta People are my family. I would rather disappoint two friends than run against the wishes of my bigger family”. I could see the politician in him but that’s wisdom all together. Fast forward, he ran on a Wiper ticket and won. Recently he was spotted in the company of Uhuruto in Voi and everyone was concerned. Despite RAILA ODINGA declaring that NASArites will not participate in the 26th October poll, Granton Samboja was yet again quoted yesterday asking Taita Taveta voters and turnout in large numbers to cast their votes on the 26th of October. I am among those who unapologetically termed his recent move as a big political mistake because I have nothing to lose by being honest. With a serious petition in court seeking to annul his victory, losing a section of his support base would undoubtedly mark the beginning of the end of his political career. Marsden Madoka, Joyce Lay and Dan Mwazo understand what it really means to be popular on a Monday and an outcast by Friday. One mistake and you become history! Enough said! No reforms No elections. TIBIM!


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