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Raila Odinga and Anne Waiguru at a past event

Thank you for remaining silent on the NYS scandal and stop fighting for Thankless People – Kenyans to Raila Odinga over his silence on the Mega Scandals

It seems a majority of Kenyans are not surprised that no leader is brave enough to talk about the mega corruption in the country. Raila Odinga, the voice of the voiceless, has maintained a deafening silence over the scandals since they came up.

Onyinkwa Onyakundi laments

In his entire political career, i have never insulted Raila Odinga. However, if he opens his mouth about this NCPB and NYS scams, i will aim such toxic unprintable insults at him, that he would need the Persil ProClean two-in-one detergent to clean off. Let Baba rest. Let him fly to one of those prestine beaches in Cancun Mexico to sip spicy Magarita and Citrus Tequila cocktails while tucking in Tacos and burying Burritos into his digestive system. Let Baba rest, and let us go down this cliff to whose edge millions of idiots brought us. Baba must allow us to drown for them to awaken. I am actually enjoying this. When you combine sadism and masochism, you get sadomasochism.. Yeah! that is where many of his supporters are now, and let him not dare interrupt us. Kufa gari, kufa dere. Kwani iko nene?

Desterio Okumu from Kakamega says

My 10cent advice to Emeritus Prime Minister Rt.Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga at this time in point in view of emerging scandals viz NYS, NCPB, KENYA POWER etc is that….”BABA keep your cool, remain silent, assume all is well infact take a sabbatical to one of the prestigious Islands and enjoy the sunset with mama Idda Odinga. You’ve been speaking for us but we took it for granted, called you names and betrayed the course. God knows you tried. BABA don’t speak a single word. Let those who shouted it will be noisy & messy do the talking.”

BABA you are vindicated. Silence is golden. Look up for H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta at Karen members club and sip cold sweet fine wine as you wallow in nostalgia of the Mzee Jomo/Mzee Jaramogi days.”

Gabriel Oguda notes
“Dear, Raila Odinga.
Thank you for remaining silent on the NYS scam. Nyamaza kabisa. You can’t be the one putting your neck on the chopping board every time for thankless people. And if they gave you money to keep quiet, eat till you vomit, Baba. And don’t even share a red cent with anyone. Wacha kila mtu ajipange.


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