Toni Morrison says, ““ The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing!”

She also said that racism is a con game that sucks all the strength out of the victims. That it is the red flag in front of a bull inside a ring

The purpose of the red flag is to distract the bull from the matador, to make it forget its power and keep its eyes on the wrong target.

Racism is the belief that a certain race of people, usually of the same color, tend to have specific attributes that make them superior to other races and thus undermining the other races that are not of their own race.

Whereas racism is at the global stage, tribalism is confined to Africa and a few other places outside of Africa where civilization has not reached.

The simple fact is: to be tribal is to be uncivilized! Period.

Casually put, culture is a peoples way of life. But social anthropologists go further as to define culture as information capable of affecting individual’s behavior. And they acquire this information through teaching, imitation, absorption etcetera, from members of their same species.

Over time, the bad is discarded for the good, the weak give way for the strong and bad habits die along the road. That’s basically cultural evolution.

Farmers tilling their farms side by side soon learn new methods which positively add to the overall good of the entire group. Traders exchange ideas, ideas which traverse swathes of land, travelling expanse after expanse, depending on how life improving it is.

But Africans are stuck in a rut! Africa has refused to discard bad habits! Africa continued to embrace evil, opting for the status quo, defying logic, disrupting the evolutionary ladder.

In Africa, populations are ejected from their homelands in account of coming from the wrong community. You even fail to get employed however qualified you’re. Once tribalism has permeated the public service, expected mediocrity when it comes to service delivery.

Europe had its fair share with the barbarian hordes… They moved onwards into tribal groupings , a stage they quickly outgrew and today civilization rules the roost. Europe is integrating, moving away from borders, focussing on quality of life.

Despite advances made in the communications and information sector, Africa has only moved backwards. It has used these steps to only entrench mediocrity! Using technology to murder each other. Look at the way  radios were used in Rwanda to fan murder instead of unity! Look at the way, again, the internet was used  to subvert democracy in kenya! See the  killing off of social media totality in Uganda ostensibly to control gossip!

If culture relies on information sharing and synthesis to advance, then we should ask the question: what’s wrong with Africa!

The answer lies in bad politics! Africa is populated with deadly con artists calling themselves leaders. Politicians are powerful, very powerful and they are successful at this because they control the narrative. They set the agenda, too.

The Jubilee government in Kenya is an example! It was a union between politicians from two big tribes in Kenya and they sold the narrative that their communities were under attack by other communities and so had to come together to protect themselves.

People who had lived peacefully side by side quickly became enemies and murders based on tribe were reported everyday, even on the streets of Nairobi.

Instead of progressing, Africa regresses at each election cycle. The con has been perfected. Create tribal enmity, suspend the rule of law, grab power, have your community defend you and once you’re safe in office, restore the rule of law through police death squad .

Tribalism feeds on fear mongering and dehumanization of opponents. The con artists hiding behind politics make you reject civilization, telling you not forget  traditional ways. They say, “mkosa mila ni  mtumwa” while they holiday in the west, speak a western accent and scramble to marry women from the west. Their children also learn in the west with an insistence they they must muster western mannerisms! Why do they insist that the public forgets not the ancient ways? Con game! Thats the truth. Tribalism is a con! Keep the bull focussed on the scarf! Remember?

But the truth remains that bad ways will always not last! We are nolonger hunting rabbits like the Shoshone! Neither are we eating raw food. The bad is always giving room to the good!

No culture can defy time however isolated the culture might be. Bush circumcision will die and  hospitals will take over.Right now the politician will tell you that hospital circumcission is not the proper cirvumcission! Why? It removes him and his lyrics from the equation, weakening him. Politicians in Africa get strong by weakening the people, by lying!

In Kenya, politicians will insist you pray as you face Mt. Kenya while they themselves worship christian gods on Sundays. They will sacrifice goats and sheep in the streets of the capital to invoke traditional protection while at the same time pretending to embrace free will.

Tribalism is a con just like racism. It has been hijacked by those who want to stay forever in power.

Hutus wanted to keep Tutsis out of power so they used tribal mobilization under the pretext of Hutu Renaissance. The result of this project was a horrible massacre.

Obama posited that however long it takes, the moral arc will always bend towards justice. A con cannot run in perpetuity.

The bull in the ring soon gets tired of the red scarf and attacks the minuscule matador infront of him. That is if the matador does not strike first. Whoever attacks first often times wins in the game of death. And in tribalism, death always lurk

Foday Sanko was striped naked by the people he had brutalized when they eventually realized their true power.

The public killed Gadafi! Saddam buried himself in a small hole and Ben Ali fled Tunisia.

The Arab world is currently suffering its share of political upheavals moreso because the people have realized they’re being played. They have been dancing like marionettes in the hands of puppeteers.

Tribalism is  social evil and the sooner the perpetrators are shown the door, the better it will be for Africa.

Look at the Fifa World Cup and you will realize that teams which have racially integrated their players are doing better than those which tinkered with racial purity. The world asked why Leroy Sane was not called to duty by Germany! They got kicked out despite being champions. Race knows no name! Neither does tribalism.

Jesse Owens proved it at the Berlin Olympics that racism is but nonsense. Humanity is singular and no amount of groupings or stereotyping will stop man from fulfilling his destiny.


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