Uhuru Kenyatta Vs William Ruto, It is War On

The game is on. Again! And in earnest. It was crude in the dying years of Mzee Kenyatta, not smart by the Moi team, but perfected by guys who steered the kibaki administration.

They played a little game on Kenyans, approached Mudavadi and laughed at the joke which was played on him. Mudavadi was even given a Vice President, one Kioni who didn’t even vote for him. Brutal.

They had tapped Kalonzo’s head, promised him heaven and had him chasing breathlessly. The presidency became a fugazi, sort of.

Peter Kenneth had been approached too and advised to chose a Luo running mate, one Ronnie Osumba…Raila, how best could they best Agwambo?

Meanwhile as the games ensued, it became clear that rhe choice was obviously Uhuru! These were just games on voters, raising hopes then collapsing them. Mudavadi learnt his lesson and today has trust issues when it comes to dealing with the state.

The tap on Tuju was queer too, and he thought he could do an Obama moment with kizungu mingi during the launch of his candidacy.

Fast forward to 2019 and the games are getting brutal. Ruto’s defenses are collapsing like the famed Jerico walls. DUCK DUCK GOOSE ! Tap and let the chase ensue.

Ruto finds himself at the centre of the current games. He joined jubilee in 2013 with a clear and public promise. The signing of the coalition agreement was televised! The whole world saw it!

They say politics is a game of swords with no permanent enemies. They add that only interests remain permanent.

Over the weekend Ruto was captured running deep in the Malinya villages, ostensibly to promote the culture of bull fighting.

Looked at again in retrospect, he was chasing the luhyia votes, chasing the presidency, running the duck duck goose game. The puppeteers in Nairobi must have howled in laughter, seeing the little Khalwale dancing himself lame and shouting his voice hoarse.

Going by the recent statements, Ruto seems to already know he has fallen out of favour with the deep state. He is ready to go it alone, even without anybody’s endorsement!

The 2022 contenders are sitting around a virtual table, watching the games, looking keenly and guardedly. Each and every potential candidate is busy burnishing his wrap, hoping for a tap on the head. Being the deep state’s choice comes with advantages. For starters, the rigging machine works in your favour. In Kenya, there is no strength in numbers.

Raila the veteran has retreated and is working on his defences as he strategizes. In 1997, Moi tapped him on the head only to hand the chase to young Uhuru.

The handshake is perhaps a new plot and he knows it. The same team has also recently approached Mudavadi. Again. And used the same platform to fire salvos at Ruto.

The media is also awash with unprecedented praises for Makueni Governor, Kivutha Kibwana. Bots, be informed. They are gauging the waters.

The upshot of my argument is that there is an active search effort by the powers behind the throne to identify the next President after Uhuru.

The next President must be malleable, friendly and agreeable to all their terms. The needs and wishes of the voters are secondary, theirs come first!


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