Reason why William Ruto Will not Ascend to the presidency


By Otieno Nyabemba

So far it has been proven that to be president in Kenya one must have the backing of a kingmaker:

Only three individuals in the country currently hold the title of a kingmaker:

  1. Raila:
  2. Ruto:
  3. And now Uhuru:

Wetangula is certainly not one: he does not feature in that league and so are Mudavadi and Kalonzo: they fall in the cluster that can be made kings and not vice versa …

In a nutshell, it is therefore a total waste of time for Ruto to bank on the support of Wetangula, Mudavadi or Kalonzo in his bid to take over the leadership of this country:

For Ruto, if neither of the remaining two kingmakers, Raila and Uhuru, are ready to make him king, then his 2022 bid shall inevitably end up in a miscarriage:

Nonetheless, if Ruto chooses to get back at Uhuru for trashing their MoU then he has only one option and it is as follows:

To create and make a king like he did with Uhuru: a king that will serve to thwart Uhuru’s 2022 plans as well as protect him and his interests:
CAVEAT #1: but this time it won’t be a walk in the park like it was in 2013 since he shall be pitting himself against the incumbent …

CAVEAT #2: The above option is only viable if Uhuru has nothing that he can use to armtwist Ruto: it is not beyond Mt. Kenya to have hatched a plot to set up Ruto – things like recorded criminal evidences can be useful in such cases:

If Uhuru has any such evidences on Ruto then the latter shall have no choice but to surrender and put his fate in the hands of Uhuru and do as Uhuru shall wish him to do:

In short Ruto’s chances of taking over the leadership of this country without the backing of Uhuru or Raila for that matter, are Zero


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