The September eleventh attacks on the United States of America set in motion a dramatic change in world political thought and balance of power.

The USA found itself absorbed in a multi- front war targeting terror and its bastions. War is draining on the soul and soon the American public found itself disinterested in leading and opted to withdraw from World leadership.

This has created a vacuum which crackpot dictators are intent on exploiting.

Democracy is a western ideology and it has served the world well despite obvious weaknesses.

Democracy is premised on the principle of equality before a set of systems. That all must be subservient to a set of laws agreed upon by the people who subscribe to that system.

That what’s true for me is poison for you cannot be gainsaid when democracy is looked at from the prism of different cultures donning the world.

The Muslim world is case in point. Religion has been used as a tool to not only gain power but to also dominate the people.

In the midst of all the attendant chaos, attempts have been made to to design a universal world order based on peace and prosperity.

President Woodrow Wilson envisioned a “world of peace and justice” not merely about “balance of power”

Wilson also famously said that, “No nation is fit to sit in judgment upon any other nation.”

This is a vision of a world order without a “policeman” enforcing the same.

Today everything seems to be going haywire! When I heard that Recep Tayyip Erdogan was last week actively intimidating Cyprus,  I found myself smiling. The surprise was pleasant.

Turkey has grown too bold as to be able to intimidate the entire European Union, even ramming her boats on Cypriot vessels under the guise of protecting the interests of Turkish Cypriots.

Further east, The Communist party in China is changing the constitution so as to enable Xi Jinping  rule ad infinitum.

Russia has Putin and Venezuela has Maduro.

In Kenya, the jubilee party is discreetly changing laws by simply ignoring them.

Dictators have taken advantage of the disappearance of America as a role model to usurp the power of the people and impose their will not only on their nations, hut also on neighboring States.

I can’t envision Boris Yeltsin of Russia attacking Ukraine under whatever circumstances. But Putin can,and he has brazenly done it.

A true democratic Turkey cannot possibly attack and lay to waste northern Syria. The people would not agree to it. Erdogan has done it! He is a strongman willing to impose the will of his nation on Syria. And on Cyprus.

It is a shame that Joseph Kabila of Congo is still in office despite serving out his term. And the world cares less, even the vanguards of the so called democracy.

Looking at Sisi’s Egypt, you get a feeling that democracy as a form of governance is on its deathbed.

Just a few years ago, coup d’Etat’s were things to be strongly frowned upon. Even Nigeria said goodbye to the same.

It is getting increasing obvious that a new world system based on authoritarianism is getting entrenched.

And looking at the trends, don’t be surprised if some general pulls a quick one on the Nigerian government.  Strongmanship is now in vogue.


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