Think twice before paying school fees for your ‘potential’ wife

We have been having cases of men crying like toddlers after being dumped by women whom they spent a fortune on paying school fees for at the University till they graduated.

Not one man, but many of them. I don’t understand why we are weak when it comes to matters women. For one, we look naïve to pay for someone who is not even our wife in the first place, and secondly, we refuse to learn from those who have been there before. Who does not know that women were created to trick and betray men? This started a few days after the world came into being in the Garden of Eden. If you are in doubt, read your bible, preferably the ‘Jerusalem’ one!

We remember the story of Samson and Delilah as one of betrayal where a woman is used to finish off a man. Back home, we have not forgotten the legendary Lwanda Magere who had to forget everything upon seeing a beautiful woman. And do we remember Lord Egerton who gave us a university probably after having been inspired by the hate he had for women?

The woman whom he spent his money on, built a beautiful Castle for, turned him down because the Castle, according to her, looked like a museum. You try to please women, you get garbage in return.

A young man working in a supermarket probably earning about Kshs. 14,000 embarks on saving his money to build his ‘simba’ at home and other projects. As his savings grow, something happens. A desperate, but relatively beautiful woman, with good thighs and remarkable behind, who is unable to pay university school fees after having been locked out by Joint Admission Board (JAB) comes along. The man decides to abandon his projects and transfers all his savings, and loans from Sacco, to a Mt. Kenya University or KeMU’s account to have this woman acquire a degree when he never went past form II. That the woman promised him marriage in future and occasional sharing of a blanket as she studies was enough to inspire him into obtuseness. To this man, he has never thought of furthering his own education yet he is ready to pay school fees to have a woman become a graduate all in the hope of becoming her husband at a future date.

Yet there are other naïve men working as sugar-cane cutters or primary school teachers or even some bankers at KCB suffering from the same illusions. They would pick some girls somewhere, take them to KeMU or Mt. Kenya University when they themselves are still struggling to sit for KATC or CPA units they were referred on. Their ‘wives’ go ahead and work hard, mingle with boys in college of their calibre and occasionally spread their legs for them. In such instances, the ‘wives’ only see the men as a ‘sponsors’, not deserving of their love. When the men make love to them, their feelings are detached as their minds are with the boys they share the lecture halls with.

But what would make a man in his right frame of mind to pay school fees for a woman he wants to marry before establishing that their love for each other is mutual? This is common is cases where a Luo is the man and the woman is a Kikuyu. Is it the tenderness of the thighs or the complexion or the smile? I think it is naïvety or others just take the advantage that since such women are desperate they will easily give in to anyone for marriage. Kumbe majuto huja baadaye! I have seen men wailing louder than William Ruto in churches in instances like this.

Women can truly love those who treat them badly, those who do not care about them. You want a woman to stay with you for life, stop paying school fees for her and stop
treating her nicely. But if you offer to pay school fees for a woman who is not your sister or niece or those others you do not intend to have love relationship with, marry her first, make her pregnant and then raise your children until they are eighteen years old. Then, if you have spare money, you can pay for her any course, including rocket science offered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the US.

In the meantime, I can only tell those ones smarting from these betrayals that it serves them better. I cannot shed even a single tear for them. I am sure if the mothers were made of the stuff Lucy wa Kefaki was made of, they would not allow such women as their daughters-in-law to save their son’s future embarrassment, murder charges, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

And you who is contemplating to pay school fees after accessing the goodies above her knees, run as fast as your tiny legs can carry you. I hate saying sorry to your type. Women were never meant to be trusted!

Credit: Real Collins Odhiambo


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