TSC Waging War On Teachers

TSC Waging War On Teachers

After the last teachers strike which went for close to two months, life has not been rosy for the teaching force.

The government felt embarrassed and ordered tsc to work out ways and means of hurting the classroom teacher.

Teachers have silently weathered storm after storm from tsc with the transfers being the main tool.

Come to think of it, why would schools be opened on the second of January? Isn’t that simply designed to interfere with the new year celebrations?

Moi used to have the passion and sense to see that new year was an important date in the human calendar and would extend opening by a number of days if the date coincided with the opening week. Jubilee would have none of that. Teachers must know people, uhuru and serem reportedly said.

Zeroing on transfers, they’re are being done inĀ  a manner that punishes the involved teacher.

Transfers should be about staff balancing. Balancing is not only about numbers but also about the teaching subjects.

The current system which sees a teacher being transfered to a station outside his county is not only punitive but also destructive.

Why would a teacher remaining with three service years be taken over a hundred kilometers from his home? Is it safe to take a Luo teacher to teach deep inside Nyeri? Wouldn’t the Mungiki simply kill him!

Who will cook for him? Who will help him handle issues which come with age? Can teachers afford decent housing in these alien lands with the current pay structure? How much in house allowance is a teacher paid!

At 2700, a forcefully transfered teacher would be obliged to rent a dangerously low class house, demeaning his stature and exposing him to a variety of danger. These are people who have used the little they earn to build decent homes. They deserve to stay in these houses.

There is a pretext of national integration! Teachers have not contributed to the current levels of tribalism in the country and cannot therefore be used to remedy the same.

Tribalism is here because kenya has embraced politics of exclusion. Tribalism is here because the so called leaders ride on negative ethnicity to capture power. Tribalism is here because the national voice is not listened to. Tribalism is not related to the deployment of teachers.

The continued harassment of teachers who are simply fighting for their rights has to stop.

Teaching is a call, a noble service and motivating factors should always be found within the teaching environment.

They say TPAD is a tool to improve performance! What a laughable argument. TPAD as is structured is simply a waste of valuable teaching time.

Teachers simply walk into cyber cafes with the hard copies and wait for the soft copies to be uploaded. Most don’t even know their TPAD passwords. It is simply a punitive bother.

The best way to evaluate the teacher would have been through the results of the national examinations but as is wont to happen in Kenya, we run away from the obvious as we seek the complex.

Close to eight hundred thousand students failed both Kcpe and Kcse. That should call for a deeper and incisive look into the circumstances leading to it.

With constant harassment, Teachers will chose to avoid the extra mile and only do the basic!

Jubilee might wrongfully think it is taming the teacher while actually doing the opposite. Truth is it is Jubilee and it’s voracious appetite for public resources that needs taming. The scapegoating on teachers must stop


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