Two reasons why Uhuru should be very afraid

By Pala Rateng Goyotonyiso

1. Even after deploying his ethnic side of the police,army,NYS, Prison warders and Mungiki to murder and maim Kenyans, the Resistance remains stronger than ever. That’s something any sane government should be scared of because these resilient Kenyans will soon start fighting back. When a resistance gets to a point where people are immune to death, bullets, teargas and machetes, the oppressors will run away and some of them will be felled by their own guns.

2. Kenyans have been demanding for guns from their leaders for so many years now but their leaders have always ignored or rather rejected this plea. It’s important to note though, that the oppressors already gave their people guns. The conversation I witnessed on 28th Nov 2017 where leaders are beginning to publicly consider that possibility, of arming their people to defend themselves. Ouru wuod Jomo, be very afraid my friend. If Raila Odinga won’t do it, some leaders will do it, it is going to happen and when it does you will regret why you took Kenya to this path.

I understand the frustrations of the middle class and their desire for a quick fix from Raila and I believe it’s justified. I however want them to know that this Resistance is bigger than them, this is about millions of Kenyans whose only hope is Raila. These Kenyans have nothing worth living for unlike you middle class who have jobs, businesses and shoddy tenders. These Kenyans are not abandoning Raila Odinga anytime soon, these Kenyans are always out there, putting their lives on the line when they face the Killer police and gangs.

As long as these Kenyans aren’t cowed, I will always stand with them and our President His Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga. Of what essence is it to have a country where less than 30% claim that they will rule the other 70% for over 100 years?

Aluta Continua Comrades!



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