Uhuru Kenyatta Vs William Ruto, It is War On

Uhuru Kenyatta Vs William Ruto, It is War On

By Edwin Omondi

Kenya just did a bend! And it was a sharp one, though lost too many!. In one of the many rulings the supreme court made this week, one was ominous to the Jubilee family. The court ordered all participant’s in the ongoing litigation to stop any mention of Raila and NASA within the precincts of the current court hearings. That NASA did not participate in the rerun and therefore had to be excused from the regular jubilee theatrics.

With a singular stroke of that ruling, the SCOK suddenly walked in sync with the much of the country. A huge percentage of the country has moved on! They don’t give a hoot about what’s going on in the Court. Who gives a flying fart? Nobody!

Arguments are dull and stale. Judges always take it to their chin with a look of boredom. Maraga looks tired! Ojwang asks stupid questions! Njoki has already taken her stand, as usual. It is dawning on jubilee that they’re on their own. The free ride is over. There’s no more Raila this Raila that excuse!


Uhurus second term is suddenly over and the expected payback rudely knocking in his door. They say nothing much happens in the second term of an incumbency. That jostling for succession takes precedence over all matters pertinent to a country!

Uhuru has his balls trapped because he made a public undertaking that in 2022, he would support one William Ruto. Signs are there that he is manoeuvering to wriggle himself out of the arrangement. He is looking back and wondering if the Ruto investment was after all worth it. The rerun exposed the king’s ass and suddenly it became open that the tyranny of numbers was a hoax.

The number lyric was a total lie peddled by a fake professor! What intellectual value can a professor caught with his hands in the NYS scandal, add to a desperate country like Kenya? Nothing! Much of the country believed the lie but the rerun ashamed its peddlers. There was always no numbers. And if there was always no numbers, what role, therefore, did Ruto play in Uhurus ascension to high office?

It is now open that Ruto was just a tool for the public gallery! He was a beautiful wife married to impress the villagers! Only that she was not always beautiful but heavily bedecked with makeup and expensive accessories. The “beautiful” wife got rained on on the 26th and all make up got washed off.

So she has always this ugly? Just a sharp mouth? Why didn’t Nandi turn out with the umbrella? What happened to the south rift which was supposed to bring the jacket (cheget)?

I know that deep in Uhurus mind, he wishes he had taken Kalonzo as his VP in 2013. Forget about the public displays of camaraderie! That’s for gullible fools. Truth is these guys have always not been voting. Topping up has always been the norm and that’s where sly guys like “chilomba” came in.

By funny coincidence, Uhuru killed two birds with one stone! He bagged the presidency through thick and thin, and also managed to prove it to the world that Ruto did not always bring the numbers. And if Ruto did not always bring the numbers, then he is not so beholden to him and the country can take the witness stand on his side.

That being said, Uhuru can start working on his legacy without worrying about Ruto and his debt. Talk of dialogue is now rife in the corridors of power. This “dialogue” is not dialogue perse but a tool being designed to put Ruto in his rightful place. Ruto is bitterly opposed to national dialogue because it will interfere with his 2022 matrix.

The opposition can accept to dialogue with Uhuru not out of national significance but to just spite Ruto, a man who invested a lot in abusing and belittling national leaders. Dialogue will help Uhuru achieve his hidden agenda, that of diluting Rutos influence and hold on power. A coalition government normally creates multiple centers of power and that’s what the country needs now if we are to avoid both implosion and explosion.

Ruto will be told in no uncertain terms that Country comes first and that he must make certain sacrifices for the sake of general good. Remember, Ruto is the epitome of “general bad” And general good of the country must win over private ambitions, which might be bad for the country.

Uhuru must swiftly follow this fake dialogue with acute electoral reforms! There must be staff changes at the IEBC for it would be good if divisive figures at the commission leave or are transferred to other departments. Chiloba is the specific black dog of this nation currently. Uhuru has to kick him for we don’t need certain reminders. African countries are multi ethnic and the only way to foster unity is through clear and open elections.

Take a look at the Moi transition of 2002! The elections were so open that it was impossible to fight over it. The Zimbabwe situation is another example. The Shona has been in power for close to forty years. The Ndebele people are not happy about it more so because of electoral malfeasance. The Zimbabwean army helped Mugabe slaughter tens of thousands of the Matabele people and they’re obviously itching for s payback. Mugabe’s wife has not helped matters by mishandling the transition plans. The shona have clans and these clans cannot be happy seeing their sons and daughters being mishandled in public.

We don’t want the Zimbabwe situation to replicate itself in Kenya. Remember they replicated our 2007 situation in a copy paste manner..and that’s Kibakis defining legacy in Africa! Stick to power and negotiate coalition. Grace Mugabe regularly mishandles senior Zimbabwean leaders in public. She even calls some of them snakes worthy if being killed. Irony is today, Mr Snake is president and she is in exile. How times change.

Elsewhere, there are trees growing in Ngbenda’s Gbadolite. Same script regularly plays out in Kenya. Only the cast is different. Ruto is so vile in language. He christened Raila a mganga. Remember Raila is a man with continental standing! Let it also not he lost that Raila is among the fifty top most influential people in the whole wide world.

Ruto abuses Wetangula in public, forgetting that Wetangula is currently the senior most Bukusu. To Ruto Mudavadi is just a Mluhyia with whom Gedion Moi mangamangas with. Grace Mugabe humiliates the lady vice President to an extent that she resigns! The internet is also awash with pictures of Mobutu like palace being built in Kenya.

The parallels are many and the consequences clear! Trees will grow!

Exile will come!

Currently there’s a putsch in Zimbabwe to stop an eminent tribal warfare. It is the same putsch which Uhuru must execute against Ruto to put Kenya on a new footing! But this putsch will be a harbinger of great political vicissitudes!

Ruto comes from a community known for its standing army however irregular! Uhuru too has his community behind him and this time they will not be caught by surprise as they were in 07!

Macharia Gaitho’s latest piece captured it well. A uhuruto war is in the making and interestingly, the rest of the country might just cheer them on.

After all they deeply and openly loved each other to the chagrin of 67% of the country!

It is nolonger game on, but, sadly, or interestingly, war on…


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