The biggest news in Kenya today is the political détente between Uhuru and NASA supremo, Raila Odinga.

The jubilee leader must appreciate that Raila has thrown his presidency a lifeline, going by the kind of reactions Kenyans are expressing.

The deal has been greeted with disbelief and in some sections, raw anger. The anger might be confused by some to be directed at Raila but a deeper incisive look will tell you the people strongly detest Uhuru and anything associated with him

If any flak might fly towards Raila, it will be because of the raw hatred the people have towards Uhuru.

The people were brutalized by the police sent by Uhuru. Children died and many families are grieving. The trauma is real. The only thing giving some families hope is their vitriol towards jubilee. Hating can heal. Twisted.

What Raila has done looks easy but it takes great courage to embrace an avowed enemy. Uhuru has done his best to humiliate and destroy anything associated with NASA.

There are also reports of NASA counties struggling to make ends meet because the jubilee government has refused to give them their share of the devolution funds

Jubilee knows too well that it is a government of two communities. Employment is skewed towards the two and little is done to hide the atrocities visiting communities outside their fold.

Jubilee is yet to appreciate that Kenya cannot be strong when their past time is  spent weakening sections of the kenyan society.

But all that can change if Uhuru latches onto this new opportunity for rapprochment.

Murage  said in the recent past that NASA counties have no stake in the economy. Uhuru must do his best to reintegrate the same into the economy.

The government must open its doors to all communities so that the civil service can enjoy not only a degree of tribal diversity, but also professional.

Kenyatta National Hospital can be used as a national petri dish. It clearly represents all that is wrong with Kenya. Mediocrity holds sway in the Civil service and quality service can be tapped from NASA counties.

Reproachment must also be laced with justice. Kenya cannot move on when the chilobas of this country sit pretty in office

Guilty police officers must find themselves in prison and wide ranging reforms carried out.

Raila’s olive branch must herald a new start for Kenya. Politics must not always be about confrontation! Reason and decorum must lead. The people  must mature up and know what’s best for them.


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