Politics is the business of power

Politics is the business of power,  it’s acquisition and use.

There are varied approaches to politics, and historically, three have been pin pointed.

The way a group approaches power can help the public discern how they use the same acquired power.

Kenya is currently on the throes of political upheavals occasioned by the Raila-Uhuru peace deal, the same which is currently being unraveled by the return of Miguna Miguna.

Those who have thrived on politics of pitting communities against each other are very bitter at the union.  Their item of trade, hate,  just became obsolete. They’re fighting tooth and nail to put it back on the shelves. No wonder they are excited at the prospects of Miguna Miguna turning the tables,  however temporarily, on Raila.

Raila, Uhuru and Miguna are currently the men of the moment. It is therefore preponderant to look at them individually, balancing a historical perspective with the current scenarios facing Kenya.

Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyatta finds himself the president of Kenya in the current times.  He is president because of a combination of factors, most of which work to his favour and very much against the interest of the general public.

He is the spitting image of Jomo Kenyatta, a man who was equally lucky to be president,  going by the naivety and lack of foresight on the side of Jaramogi during those times.

Through Uhuru,  those who hated Mois presidency have a chance to reminisce and relive the Kikuyu glory under Kenyatta.

It is instructive to note that when the country was asked between Kibaki and Uhuru,  millions went for Kibaki.

Uhuru’s is a presidency Kikuyus don’t like but must have,  going by the choices they were presented with. They tolerate him.  They suffer him.  Most importantly,  they must make do with him.  Moi was not bad,  he was simply a non Kikuyu.

Uhuru pursues power just for the sake of it. This pursuit satisfies something in his egotism. His dad was president,  so he must be, too. He saw the fruits of power during his dad’s reign,  being an adolescent at the height of jomo’s presidency and would really want to relish and relive the same.

He travels a lot at the expense of tax payer. He even goes to formular one racings! He overtly enjoys the trappings of power.

It is from his school of politics that great tyrants of history are found. There’s a sense of entitlement and often times he will bang tables if things don’t go his way. Look at his handling of Miguna debacle from that point.

Under Uhuru,  the police have visited horrific violence on the people.  He swears to Nyorosha people and the police do exactly that.

The people are often times left to their own means when tyrants rule.  Uhuru has a larger than life picture of himself.

He sees himself as bigger than Kenya and therefore travels the world to showcase his power.

He gifts a west African state with a million dollar cheque to fight Ebola when back home,  the coffers are empty.

He sends medical staff on the same mission of power projection while Kenyan hospitals reel under mismanagement.

He goes to Mozambique to announce hassle free entry into Kenya while at the same time denying the same right to a native born.

His address to the United Nations betray his world ambitions and the only thing which punctuated all these games with a rude reality check was the rejection of Amina Mohammed by fellow peers. That was a quest to  dominate AU.

 Raila Amollo Odinga Raila Odinga


Loved and hated in equal measure by Kenyans in their millions . Raila has weathered many political storms and is still marching  on.

Raila of today is not the Raila of the nineties. The man has aged graciously and with each passing time, shifted his approach to politics and power.

The young Raila was a maverick who leaned heavily on the extreme right  but with the passing of time,  he has been moving steadily to the left.

Raila wants power for the immediate adjustment of the society, which he sees as disgruntled and oppressed. He is the antithesis of Uhuru and his politics.

Kenya is largely a discontented society and Raila sits atop this discontent.

Odinga regularly proposes how the existing systems can be tinkered with to best serve the people and release pressure.

Look at the response to the maize crisis from this prism. The sane can also be said of his recent peace deal with Uhuru.

The country was stuck in a deep political mire and only a move of that magnitude could get things moving.

Jubilee had moved to starve devolution of cash, blaming bad politics for the same.  Opposition counties were on a death bed and something had to give.

Raila is a pragmatist and pragmatic politicians always come head to head with dangerous headwinds. Currently, Raila is paying a heavy cost for embracing movement in a stuck system.  His social media pages are on fire,  a fire fanned by Jubilee and their operatives.

Pragmatic politicians live longer and Raila will weather the current vicissitudes and emerge stronger and burnished.

Joshua Miguna Miguna 

Ja Nyando is a defiant idealist. Idealistic politicians are the dangerous chips in any block.

They reject existing social relationships and proceed to construct a model of how they think a society should be run.

They are firebrand politicians who want immediate changes no matter the cost. Idealists are also oppressive in nature.

It is a well known maxim that people fear change.  And that’s why idealists are vulnerable. The pragmatic politician who’s content to tinker is therefore the one with whom the society is comfortable with.

Kenya is a country disfigured with extreme inequalities and injustices and Uhuru the status quoist cannot expect to sit pretty.

The people will always go for Raila, the pragmatist, who will always be willing to try out workable solutions.

Miguna will first of all seek to shake the entire foundations in his quest to build a moral ground for his political action

The ruling class will move to kill him before allowing him do the same.  The middle class will sit behind their screens and the lower class will only sympathise.

When the three politicians meet,  Uhuru will most probably bully Miguna while Raila would go for the beaten path, a path acceptable to both Uhuru and Miguna.

Miguna would without doubt make the best in moving to antagonize everybody within his line of sight.



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