An MCA in Vihiga county has allegedly impregnated a 14-year-old and he is not picking calls from the mother of the girl according to Radio Jambo. I dont know if a 14-year-old can look like the woman who is 18 years old but I am surprised the lady hosting the show exposing the dead beat dads is interested in child’s upkeep and not locking up of the MCA.

Sleeping with a 14 year old is a crime, a defilement for the simple reason that the victim cannot give consent to sex. Thus anyone who sleeps with the minors should be taken to courts. In this case, there is a pregnancy or even a baby that is likely to prove penetration. But the parents will be looking to make money from MCA or demand marriage for their daughter rather that allowing law to deal with him.

And so are many other cases where we have so many minors with babies in the villages when their ‘baby baba’ are at liberty. Ama are these not defilement cases?


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