Africa is full of surprises when it comes to the small matter of democracy. The long awaited DR Congo elections have come to pass and with it came plentiful in terms of new tricks.

Everybody expected Kabila to rig! The only question was how bad! Elections were held on the 30th of December 2018 and as days dragged on, anxiety heightened.

Kabila supported Shadary Emmanuel of the Independent party and it is important to appreciate that Kabila, in pivoting towards Tshishekedi, appreciated the fluid and dangerous situation on the ground. The rest of the world can do the same for the good of Congo.

Earlier on before the elections, Tshishekedi had bolted out of a coalition with Fayulu , a powerful candidate supported by exiled politicians, the church and warlords.

Fayulu’s supporters say authorities rigged the result on behalf of Tshisekedi in a deal to protect members of President Joseph Kabila’s outgoing administration and maintain his influence over security forces.

Make no doubt that Fayulu is powerful and therefore dangerous. DRC has had its fair share of misfortune and it would be wise for all the players to sober up and look keenly at the prevailing conditions.

We’ve had the Catholic Church behaving as though it is one of the candidates. It has rejected the results as announced claiming they have parallel figures.

The role of the Church in the conflicts ravaging Central Africa must be put into perspective when discussing the current Congo situation.

The Church played a nefarious role in the Rwanda/Burundi genocide and many Bishops and Fathers are in jail over the same. Churches were killing fields and all that is in public domain.

They have played their role in the democratization of Congo and it is time they stepped back.

Election observers and foreign powers are also issuing unhelpful statements. Irregularities are common in Africa. Counting is an issue and often times results announced don’t always reflect the situation on the ground.

They might have their misgivings but the situation obtaining currently can neither allow For a rerun nor a recount. They must up the call for a peaceful resolution.

DRC has powerful neighbours and both Rwanda and Uganda will atleast have a voice. So far Tshishekedi looks acceptable to all regional powers including Kenya.

Peace will help contain the scourge of Ebola within the Congolese borders! War displaces people thereby exporting it.

Fayulu has a right to appeal but in so doing, must also appreciate the precarious situation DRC finds herself in. Kabila has the support of the army and the same will shift to Tshishekedi.

He can be comfortable with the militias backing him but it must not be lost to him that he equally needs the army. Another war will exercabate the suffering the Congolese have gone through.

It is now time to step back and let Congo win. Ebola is ravaging and it needs to be contained. A war will lead to a full blown explosion of the Ebola epidemic.

Peace will help contain the scourge of Ebola within the Congolese borders! War displaces people thereby exporting it.

It might be fashionable for the foreign observers to insist on justice for Fayulu but in so doing, they’re also calling on Fayulu and his dangerous supporters to rise to action, and action is basically war.

I hope and pray Tshishekedi discards triumphalism and embraces the spirit of reconciliation. He can fashion himself as an national unity President by cobbling a nationwide unity government where Fayulu gets the vice presidency or something powerful.

They will also need to assure Kabila of his security as he is still a power to reckon with.

The U.N. should move with speed to secure a strong foundation for a unity government. It has the capacity to do so. Having warned of possibility of violence, Let the same U.N. move to preempt it.


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