She is being billed as the “brave new Canadian” and none other than the foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland was at hand to joyously receive her. The embrace was warm. And telling.

RAHAF is only 18 years old and has done the unimaginable! She has renounced her religion, denounced her country and defied her family.

She captured international attention when she barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room to resist being sent home to her family, which denies any abuse.

The UNHCR put out a request on her behalf and Canada eagerly offered her citizenship, with the prime minister Justin Trudeau himself announcing the decision.

Australia was said to be working on the paper work but Canada literally sprinted and took her, declaring, “brave new Canadian “

Canada found itself bullied by the crown Prince MBS and almost all allies abandoned Justin at his hour of need. Trump kept stupidly quite and Britain said nothing as the Crown Prince did his best to intimidate the North American country.

A humble tweet on human rights had quickly degenerated into a very ugly spat. Saudi Arabia kicked out Canadian ambassador and stopped the national airlines from flying to Canada in addition to ordering Saudis out of Canada.

It is Chrystia herself who had started the dispute when she tweeted concerns about the news that several social activists had been arrested in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi, a women’s rights activist who is the sister of imprisoned dissident blogger Raif Badawi, whose wife is a Canadian citizen and lives in Quebec.

The irony of it all is that it is the same Chrystia who has warmly welcomed and embraced the Saudi lady.

Saudi Arabia has human rights issues and Canada has been vindicated without doubt. This is a defection of international proportions.

If Canada was wrong, the young lady wouldn’t have defected! Juxtapose this to the horrific murder of Jamal Kasshoggi in addition to the continued bullying of Qatar and you will realise that Canada is keen to pass a message to the free world.

Do not forget that MBS as he is widely known also had the prime Minister of Lebanon detained and bullied at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is also waging a horrific war on Yemen and and the human rights situation couldn’t be starker in that country.

What continues to confound the world is why Donald Trump continues to give MohamMohamed Bin Salman a free cheque to do whatever he wishes.

Meanwhile, CANADA will continue to revel in the latest diplomatic coup and you will see more and more of the young Saudi hogging the televisions.


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